Sensus process management

Why Sensus?

For a long time, Business Process Management (BPM) was an isolated domain. Sensus process management breaks it out of its isolation. Sensus’ Intelligent Process Management links it directly to other policy areas. And it can be fully integrated with other systems. This is what makes IPM a practical resource that serves all these policy areas.

Why choose Sensus process management?

In today’s fast-changing world, your company needs to be agile, respond quickly, and keep moving all the time, because teams, tasks, and targets are subject to constant change. Companies simply cannot afford to stop learning in our current age.

 But this search for progress is plagued by a number of persistent impediments

  • unnecessary complexity
  • the lack of real-time, clear facts
  • little coherence and sharing of knowledge

High time, therefore, for contemporary process management. Intelligent Process Management (IPM).

 Sensus IPM is based on 3 pillars
  • Our fascination with processes
  • Our drive to improve
  • Our love of making things easier.
Our promise to you:

We create self-improving organizations by optimizing processes and having them all communicate with each other. We make process management smart and user-friendly (IPM).



Our company

Sensus process management

Sensus process management specializes in the modeling, visualization, improvement and interconnection of business processes. On this basis, we will support you in making your organizational structure and processes transparent and analyzing them for a process-based way of working. Our online process management application lets you share newly acquired business process knowledge across the organization and link it to other applications.

For Sensus, process management is not an end in itself, but a means to serve various policy areas. It is not an isolated domain, but actually the connecting factor to other domains within an organization. This is often underestimated. And that’s why Sensus process management launched Intelligent Business Management in 2020, where process management connects all policy areas and becomes the ideal foundation for an organization’s capacity to respond fast to opportunities and threats, and to implement changes consistently and across the whole organization. 

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Have we convinced you?

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