Human Resources

The right person in the right job. Getting new workers onboarded, making tasks and responsibilities transparent.

Human Resources job framework
The benefits of Sensus BPM Online

As an HR manager, your focus is on making the most of your company’s human capital. What policy to pursue for that can differ greatly from one company to the next. Where one company needs clear career pathing and effective exit procedures, another will gear its policy towards knowledge and talent retention. Even though they may have entirely different policy focuses, they both need the same information to implement their policy.

Drawing an organogram or job framework
Defining tasks and responsibilities for every position
Who’s responsible for which KPIs?
What are the risks involved in each position?
Documenting competencies


Here are just a few of our standard human resources reports that will be available to you. These are examples of the kind of standard output produced by our powerful BPM application that will enable you to pursue your HR policy in a way that is measurable, efficient, and transparent.

Drawing an organogram or job framework

Effortlessly export reports and task descriptions.

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