Information Management

Stay on top of your IT, your IT processes, and your IT landscape.

The benefits of Sensus BPM Online

In today’s age, information management and IT are a primary part of your business. There’s no business without IT. Virtually all companies have embraced automation in a big way. What automated services can take care of certain tasks for us and how are they set up?

Mapping the IT landscape
Who uses which applications?
Which processes use which applications?
Insight into automated IT services
GDPR compliance covered!


Here are just a few of our standard reports that will be available to you. These are examples of the kind of standard output produced by our powerful BPM application that will enable you to pursue your information management policy in a way that is measurable, efficient, and transparent.

Mapping the IT landscape in the context of informatie management

Mapping the IT landscape

Who uses which applications?

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