Sensus BPM Online

The software that provides insight

The Sensus BPM Online solution for process management lets you map, improve, and internally share all the processes across your organization.

The benefits of Sensus BPM Online

Sensus BPM Online enables you to map, document, and share your business processes. You can then enrich these processes with information from other policy areas, such as quality, ISO, risks, and KPIs. The flexible Sensus BPM Publisher makes that really easy. It will empower you to effectively manage every aspect of your company policy. And that makes for intelligent process management and is the key to integrated business management.

Total package

Sensus BPM Online uses a visual language that is accessible and easy to read for everyone. A process description by Sensus BPM Online provides a convenient run-down of who does what, how long it takes, and what it costs.

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Sensus BPM Designer

User-friendly and efficient, these are they keywords that sum up Sensus BPM Designer. Use the many features of our intuitive online application to model your processes the way you want. Sensus BPM Designer will let you optimize your processes so that you can hit your targets!

Sensus BPM Publisher

There is nothing like knowledge that is shared by everyone. Sensus BPM Publisher will make it easier to share your processes across your organization. It will allow every single user to view, search, and comment on processes from different perspectives.

Sensus BPM Publisher is available only in combination with at least one Sensus BPM Designer. The Sensus BPM Publisher includes an annual support day.

Sensus BPM Platform

Link your favorite applications to Sensus BPM Online

Sensus BPM Online enables powerful and direct interfacing and integration with a large number of popular applications.

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