About Sensus

What our customers have to say about us

“It is important to deliver consistent quality to the customer,” Saskia emphasizes. “We want to be able to guarantee our customers that our products always meet the agreed specifications. The use of process management is an important condition for guaranteeing this delivery reliability.”

Saskia Korving

Head of Department Business Process Competence Center, Aqualectra

“Properly mapped processes are the basis for organizational improvement. It made it clear how processes run and how we would like them to run. Our people have really bought into the idea of improving processes, they see improvement opportunities and act on them. We just have to make sure these improvements are embedded properly, so that they are maintained.”

Business Process Manager

Kooyman BV

“The consultant from Sensus process management really did an excellent job. She had an assisting role in the project, helping the project team with advice and support, taking a deep dive into the organization to get the right information to the surface, and seeing to it that processes stay consistent.”

Bert Passchier

Services Sales Director, Alstom

“We want to keep improving all the time and continue to optimize our business processes to the maximum degree possible in the future as well. With this in mind, we went looking for good business management tooling to digitally document our business processes. After all, digital processes are a lot easier to optimize than analog ones. What’s particularly great about Sensus BPM Online is its simplicity.”

Hoang Pham

Process Coordinator, Besix Nederland

“Sensus BPM Online enables us, as a telecommunications company, to implement changes in our operational processes in a way that is quick and simple. We can now structurally and consistently implement changes to our day-to-day operations within a very short time frame.”

Gilbert de Bree

Board Representative, Telbo