Galan Group & Sensus process management


Stronger together in the Caribbean

Sensus process management and Galan Group have been working closely together in the Caribbean for over 10 years. In this partnership, Galan Group draws on its knowledge of the region and its local presence to mainly provide consultancy, training, and support services to organizations, while Sensus process management builds and supplies the Sensus BPM Online solution and guarantees availability and functionality of its powerful BPM application.

What we can help you with


Galan Group can help you develop your process management, administrative organization/internal control (AO/IC), quality manual and more.

Using a structured and systematic approach, we will support you in developing a suitable process structure and describing and creating online access to your processes.


While Sensus process management’s software (Sensus BPM Online) is easy to use, it is generally a good idea to engage Galan Group for Sensus BPM Online training so that you can get started in no time. In this training, Galan Group’s experts will help your employees and your organization hit the ground running.

Best practices

Galan Group can also help you with the content in Sensus BPM Online. Together with Sensus, they have worked out various best-practice processes that can be customized to your organization’s specific characteristics. Aside from that, they can help you get certified (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, etc.) or make your organization compliant with applicable standards, guidelines, and (industry) codes.

BPM as a Service (BPMaaS)

Keeping your AO/IC, online process manual, or management system up to date and developing them further can be very time-consuming, especially when you lack the required expertise or simply don’t have the time to do it. This is where Galan Group comes in with their BPM as a Service. BPM as a service means that you outsource the management of your processes, AO/IC, process manual, or management system to Galan Group. They will take care of the rest for you.


Sensus BPM Online demonstration?

Our services

Needless to say, we can arrange a Sensus BPM Online demonstration for you. A demo will often also help you get a better idea of your own process and how best to set up things such as your (process) management system, quality manual, and the AO/IC.

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