Quality Management and Compliance

ISO, legislation on working conditions, the environment, and compliance are all inextricably tied to your processes.  Link current laws and regulations to your processes and the responsible officials with ease. Get instant insight into which standards or measures affect which of your processes.

The benefits of Sensus BPM Online

A quality management system covers everything you need (agreements, resources, processes) to deliver and improve quality. Sensus BPM Online gives you tools that make it easier to get certified to a standard and set up a solid quality management system to stay certified.

See which standards or laws relate to which processes
Know who is responsible for which standards
Processes as a solid foundation for quality and compliance
Instantly in control of your GDPR compliance
Insight into information flow security


Sensus BPM Online is the right tool for you to successfully implement a quality management system

Your ISO standards linked to your processes

quality management example 2

Export reports on your standards using the link to your processes.

Have we convinced you?

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